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My Articles

As a copy editor for The Signpost, I learned AP style inside and out and the importance of fact-checking. I also had the opportunity to write some articles, both for The Signpost and for my classes. Here are my favorites!

Loyalty over democracy: The cowardice of the Republican Party

This is my favorite column! I am passionate exposing threats to democracy, and I think I make some great arguments.

Bewildering book bans

While I'm most comfortable working in print journalism, I also have experience in broadcast journalism. I turned this piece into a news package for a class. I also made the graphics for the print version of this story!

Comparing the cost of credits

This story about if AP classes are worth it or not is from my investigative journalism class. While writing this, I learned how to submit a GRAMA request and analyze data.

The memeing of life

I wrote this graduation column as a farewell for The Signpost. I created the Meme of the Week column for The Signpost, and in this column, I tell the stories behind three memes. It was fun to be able to write in a more casual, humorous tone, and it helped me find my voice as a writer.

Wasting wares and trashing treasures

In this column, I drew from my own experiences with working in retail to talk about the problem of retail waste. I did the graphics for this story as well.

Supplying Utah schools

I wrote this enterprise story for a class. It was my first foray into investigative journalism.

Traveling exhibit commemorates 20th anniversary of 9/11

I had no plans to write this story until I saw this event happening outside of the store I worked at in the mall and realized it would make a great story! I did the interviews during my break and snapped some photos after my shift. It was the first time I felt like a real reporter!

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