Academic Writing  

While working on my degree at Weber State, I wrote many, many papers — here are a few of my favorites!

"Fake News" and the Fourth Estate

I wrote this research paper for my communication law class. While writing this paper, I learned how to research court cases and got to explore modern-day threats to First Amendment rights, the importance of an unrestricted flow of information and the role of journalists in society.

Hey, Siri...

This is a research paper I did for an English class about the societal implications of fictional depictions of artificial intelligence. I learned a lot about how to do a literature review and make sure my sources are cited properly.

Applying the Communicative Constitution of Organizations to Parks and Recreation

I wrote this paper for my communication theory class. I enjoy analyzing media like TV shows and movies, so this was a great opportunity to apply what I learned in class to one of my favorite shows!

Witch, Please!

I wrote this paper for my English class, which was themed around fictional depictions of monsters and monstrosity. It details the changing depictions of witches throughout history and what it means for society's attitudes towards women. Writing this paper helped me learn how to use academic databases and organize my findings in a paper.