I chose these fonts based on both functionality and fun! I needed a good body font, plus some for headings. I made sure the fonts looked good both together and with the logo.

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 3.57.19 PM.png

Branding Development

As marketing administrator for Julie Moffitt Ballet School, I created the business's branding guide, including color scheme, fonts and design styles. I used these guidelines to create social media content, posters and a brand-new website.

Color Scheme

I started with the color scheme. The only color that the business had already been using was the dark blue color. My boss wanted something simple and classic, so I went with a modified primary color palette.

color scheme.png
facebook cover final.png
final profile pic zoomed.png

Social Media

I completely revamped the Facebook and Instagram accounts and created a new profile picture and Facebook header to match the new branding. See the social media posts I created here.


I created a bunch of new posters to hang up in the studio and create a more cohesive look.

awning final.png


I designed a new awning to go outside the studio using Adobe Illustrator.